You are a man, you like girls, you want to know where you can start meeting a bunch of hot girls in Shanghai.

If that sounds like you, then read on.


Places to Meet Girls in Shanghai

The great thing about Shanghai is that you have so many fantastic options when it comes to meeting women, I’m going to do my best to give you a clear list of those, so here we go:

Day time

  • Malls
  • Metro
  • Universities

Where you choose to meet girls should really be decided by the volume of people and how closely they match what you’re looking for as there is a very wide range of different people to meet.

There is a really big difference even just between ‘Chinese clubs’ and ‘Western clubs’ in regards to of the types of girls you will meet in terms of their language skills, status levels and social groups and level of exposure to foreign culture, this is true for many places in Shanghai, some will have very international locals and others will have very local locals.


Type: Street approaches

Time: 4pm onwards on weekdays and 2pm on weekends

Opener: I usually like to directly compliment the girl based on what she’s wearing or something else about her appearance.

During the day I like Xintiandi the most, it has a good mixture of tourists and locals, theres a bunch of expensive shops and Western style restaurants there which seems to bring in a good mixture of Chinese girls, plus big brands regularly hold events there which leads to lots of girls going there to take photos.

The best time to go there is from around 1pm onwards on weekends, although week days aren’t terrible from afternoon onwards.

In the last few years Xintiandi has become very similar to SanLiTun in Beijing in terms of having a bunch of photographers trying to snap street shots of the hot girls walking past, which is great as it leads to more hot girls going there.

I assume on some level they enjoy the validation and possibly the free photos, either way it makes it a decent place to find hot girls in Shanghai during the day.

Most of the girls who hang around XTD are about 20 to mid 20’s, it’s generally a younger crowd in terms of girls there with guys in their late 20s to late 30s.

A lot of girls also go there to take photos of themselves with their friends in the alleyways that are surrounding all the restaurants and bars, so if you’re there and see a girl or two taking selfies you can always use that to start a conversation, either by miming taking a photo of them with an imaginary camera (they’ll giggle so long as they see you’re being playful) or just ask them to help you take a picture and then do a ridiculous pose.

The Starbucks near the taxi stand is also a pretty good spot as lots of girls will just be hanging out there, theres the outside area, upstairs and a small balcony, all of which are pretty decent.

It’s also important when you start chatting to girls there that you ask them what they’re currently doing, most will be either shopping alone or going to meet friends to eat dinner or have afternoon tea (its popular for that), if they tell you they’re meeting friends, I’d advise you ask them ‘a handsome guy or a pretty girl’ and then they will either say, ‘just my friend’ or my boyfriend or a pretty girl.

If you get ‘just my friend’ or a pretty girl, its a green light and you should continue chatting with them, although be aware that they may have a time limit, so pay attention, if they say ‘my boyfriend’ you’re probably better off just bailing and finding someone else to talk to, drama sucks.

Another decent spot near here is the K11 mall which is a few minutes walk away, there are plenty of decent date spots near by, I’ll be keeping mine a secret though.

Lastly another key thing to remember is that you should always ask girls you meet where in China they’re from, as this will quickly tell you if she’s visiting or living in Shanghai and also give you a bunch more things to talk about, if you struggle with that.

Jing An Temple

Type: Street approaches, Mall approaches and Metro game.

Time: 1pm onwards on weekdays and weekends

Opener: I say a wide range of things, usually improvised.

What you say has to make sense and not give the girl too much pressure when you first start interacting with them.

For the mall I’d suggest something simple like asking for directions for something like Starbucks or a pet store as you can easily follow up with jokes using those topics (I bet your favorite coffee is….., I’m trying to buy some socks for my cat).

On the street I usually like to be more direct simply to cut through the bullshit and figure out if we can get along as quickly as possible (as street game is a lot more erratic), so that usually looks like “Hi, stop for a second *stop gesture*, you’re really cute so I want to talk to you for a minute, my name is X, what’s yours?”

On the metro I’d generally start talking by making a comment on the girls appearance or outfit, I’m referring to being on the actual train in this case, not the platform.

The Jing An temple area is great, you will find quite a lot of foreigners around here, especially around the metro entrance, this is mainly because the temple itself is a tourist attraction and also because Jing An has the highest concentration of foreigners living there.

There are two big malls on both sides of the road, theres the park (the park sucks for meeting girls) and then another mall or two within 5 minutes walking distance.

I find this area to have a high level of girls who speak English well and are usually mid 20s, this seems to be because of the types of shops/restaurants in the mall and also because there are a bunch of different offices near by where they work.

I’d also say the metro being near by influences this because you can change lines or access many other places from Jing An Temple.

The actual Jiu Guang mall sucks although the Japanese supermarket on the bottom floor connecting to the metro is pretty good, the metro station itself is also decent as there is a lot of traffic almost constantly because of the multiple lines, the surrounding malls and areas are pretty good, plus there are lots of good date spots near by, especially some niche cafes and bars.

If you head across to the mall with all the big brand name shops (it’s the newer one opposite the big Jiu Guang entrance) you will see a wide open concrete space with a fountain or two, weather allowing I think this is a pretty awesome place to chill and chat with girls as theres a heap of them walking past due to the multiple zebra crossings and metro entrance near by.

This particular area is quite good as there are no sales people near by harassing girls (you’re gonna get rejected a lot more if the girls are being chased down constantly by sales people as they’ll be more likely to automatically reject whoever talks with them) and they’re usually pretty chill about being approached as it’s nice and open.

Raffles City at People Square

A Chinese guy once told me that according to the Department of Statistics (or whatever its called) that Raffles city had the highest volume of 20 to 25 year old girls who were middle class and up.

I dunno if that’s true but I do know that Raffles city has always been pretty reliable as a place to go and chat up some good looking girls.

There is the main shopping area that has two big entrances leading onto Fuzhou road and People’s Park with multiple floors, including a basement food court, a bunch of floors for shopping in between and then another food court on the top floor.

I think they’re all good at different times, although the basement level food court is pretty much always good.

If the weather isn’t garbage, the street outside just near the entrances is pretty fantastic as it gets a lot of traffic from surrounding areas.

You access this part of Raffles city either via getting off at the Fuzhou road entrance, or if you’re coming by metro you should head towards exit 15.

The other area inside Raffles city is accessible from the metro by turning right instead of left when you’re heading towards exit 15, it’s sorta hidden away and has a few gems.

There is an ‘old Shanghai’ area that now is mostly closed but still has some OG trains and things that girls like to talk photos at, plus theres a video game arcade, a bunch more different shopping and restaurant options, there’s also a cheeky private DVD room in there somewhere.

They recently added archery, VR games and a bunch of other stuff, so it is also not bad for those of you who like to bounce girls for instant dates.

Lastly there are at least two decent size Starbucks inside Raffles city that make for decent spots to meet people, I’d say the one on the 2nd floor is best though.

Other Malls

There are a bunch of other malls around Shanghai that are decent, most along Nanjing West road seem to hold up well, I do also remember there being one that had a high volume of girls with money to spend and Milfs, I haven’t been there in a while but I’m pretty sure it was Nanjing West 666, the newer version of this is actually a mall called XinTianDi style, which is usually dead, except for the occasional rich girl.

Cloud Nine at Zhongshan Park gets a mention, not because it’s great but simply because I used to go there almost every day, it used to be one of the best malls in Shanghai but now has become over run by tacky events and sales people on foot hounding everyone who walks through (which can make people less receptive), I’d say that the Global Harbor and Raffles city opening up near by probably didn’t help much.

It’s still an ok option on weekends though.


This is going to be short and sweet.

Line 2 is the best, all the other lines suck.

Here’s why:

Line 2 takes you everywhere important in Shanghai, all the big business areas, the malls, the airports etc etc etc.

I generally find the Puxi side of Line 2 to be the best, the key thing though is you don’t wanna be trying to pick up chicks on the metro when its super packed, so the trick is finding the time when theres people, but not too many.

On weekends it’s generally fine, on weekdays however, it’s good most days between 11am and 3pm, terrible between 5 and 7pm and fine after that.

Lots of guys find the metro to be more ‘high pressure’  to approach in and it is, you will have randoms taking photos of you or talking about you, if you get rejected then it’s much more likely to be noticed because of everyone packed into a closed space.

Oh well, just do it anyway.

I’ve found that usually people go back to doing their own thing after 30 seconds or so, which means you just need to jump in and get it done.

Generally there are a few things you want to remember when you’re on the metro:

  1. Don’t be a pussy
  2. Use something less direct as your opening line, girls feel a lot more pressure on the metro too.
  3. Don’t forget to ask where she is getting off at, the worst thing is that you have a good conversation with her, you’re feeling it, she’s feeling it and suddenly she’s at her stop and has to go, you don’t get her contact details and end up having to just go home and cry/masturbate in the shower.
  4. It’s always better to start the conversation sooner rather than later, if you see a girl on the platform and you can chat with her there before getting on the train, do so, if you see a girl you like on the train, don’t spend 10 minutes waiting around before talking to her, just jump straight in.

Other than Line 2, the next best thing is generally Line 1.

I don’t think it’s really that good though, it’s just not as bad as the rest of the Lines.


There are lots of universities in Shanghai, you’ll meet all sorts of different girls at different universities because of the different majors each university promotes.

Generally the better looking girls go to universities that have majors for acting, fashion design and other ‘beauty’ industry related majors.

There are a range of these universities in Shanghai, I be the lazy person I am generally only go to those closest to where I live, so I’ve spent most of my time at Dong Hua Da Xue and Hua Shi Da, both of which are near Zhongshan park.

Universities can be fantastic places to meet girls because a lot of people there will feel less pressure at being approached because there is a subtle ‘in group’ impression whenever you approach anyone there.

The other bonus of approaching girls in universities is that you will be meeting girls when they’re just doing their normal thing, so you will know what you’re getting, usually they are either cruising around alone or with a friend.

Dong Hua Da Xue is particularly good because there is a street next to the university that has a bunch of small restaurants and cafes, so there is a fair amount of traffic along it, plus line 3/4 is a few minutes away, which makes it great for meeting girls.

You should always remember to ask girls what they major in and if they actually go to this university, this seems simple but it’s important to do because a lot of universities have external housing or a secondary campus, which may mean the girl is only there at that day to visit someone or do something and generally would be in a totally different part of Shanghai.

If you’re feeling particularly masochistic or are a full time masochist and live in Songjiang full time, you could try hitting up the Songjiang university town, the upside is that there are a whole bunch of universities crammed into one area, plus there is also Thames town where a lot of photography goes on.

I personally don’t like traveling that far, so I’ve only been out to SJ a handful of times, it’s not bad.

Stick around for the next article which will be My favourite places to meet girls in Shanghai part 2 – Night Game.

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