The Art and Science of Sex Seminar

One day, in art class at my all boys catholic school in Washington, DC when I was 14 years old, we were slinging clay and paint at one another with a healthy dose of sexual explicit put downs as usual.  But this particular day, our art teacher–a middle aged bohemian hippie–totally lost it.

I’ll always remember her face at that moment.  It was disgust, horror and indignation all rolled in to one clear loud voice…

“SEX IS AN ART!”…Or Is It?

And clearly, she was SUPER pissed that we’d been defaming it. I grew up in a pretty sexually open house.  My parents considered sex to be natural and my mom made it clear that sex had the potential to be one of the greatest joys in life.  And since my sister was 6 years older than me, I caught a lot of sex advice at the dinner table that was directed at her from my mom so it seemed just as logical for me to go home that night, and bring this up up over dinner with Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune playing on the small television across the room.

“Mom, today my teacher said that sex is an art.  Is that true?”

My mom gave a long thoughtful pause and when she finally answered she said:

“At first, with a new partner, sex is a science.  But after you know your partner well, sex is an art” –My Mom

RedpoleQ presents…

The Art and Science of Sex Seminar

Ever since I was a teenager, I knew I was no good with girls and that I needed every edge if I was going to eventually get into some girls pants.  I grew up thinking that the key was to out compete other guys in kindness and consideration that I would one day prevail.  And while that part was way off, I did get something right.

I knew that I could never be the handsome, tall, cool, witty guy that women desired from the minute they laid eyes on him–I was the awkward nerd, and while I was an interesting person, I believed that I didn’t have a chance in hell of creating that spark that would draw women to me.

Because getting a woman into bed would be a long shot, I wanted to make sure that if I ever did get a woman, she would DEFINITELY be back for seconds, thirds and beyond.  I wanted to make sure that my sex was so good, that she’d have no choice but to come back again and again and again.  I wanted to be the guy that women would write about in their diary and excitedly whisper the stories of what we did to their friends.

From long before I was having sex with any regularity, I read everything I could on it.  My father had a playboy subscription for over 30 years and I spent hours hunting through my attic and basement when my parents were out looking for that next elusive stash.  Just the education I got from reading 30+ years of the advice column, the Playboy Adviser, taught me more than most guys ever know about sex–but for me, that was just the beginning.

I found books on my parent’s bookshelves written in the 70s for the newly sexually liberated including: The Sensuous Man, The Sensuous Woman, and How a Woman Longs to be Loved–this last one written by the author of The Happy Hooker.  I quit biting my nails in Junior High School when my dad regularly said to me, “What woman is going to let you touch her with hands like that?”  So from the very beginning, to me, sex was a subject to study.

In the beginning, I didn’t realize that anything I did in the bedroom was remarkable.  Even when my sophomore year roommate burst into into the room telling me that the first girl I’d managed to get into bed was telling everyone on campus how I had greatly surpassed her expectations.  I didn’t think my performance was anything special though, because for me, I’d always assumed that a MINIMUM of 3 orgasms during sex was totally normal–one from fingering, one from oral sex, and one from intercourse, duh.

As a result, I had a really hard time understanding how my first sexual relationship became a booty call situation, where I was the one getting booty called!

Whatever sexual confidence I had though, was quickly destroyed by my first girlfriend who was pretty sexually inexperienced, and had only been with two guys a handful of times.  She had a lot of discomfort around sex and was very rarely in the mood.  We had sex once, or maybe twice a week if I was lucky even though we lived together and shared a single bed in my dormitory every night.  The constant rejection wore on me, so my second girlfriend several years later was a real change of pace.

The average lovemaking session for women lasts 18.3 minutes. This consists of 11.3 minutes of foreplay and 7 minutes of intercourse…Women’s ideal durations of foreplay and intercourse…were considerably longer–19 minutes of foreplay and 14 minutes of intercourse.

–From “Why Women Have Sex” by Cindy Meston and David Buss

My second girlfriend had been with 23 guys at the age of 22(and that doesn’t even include the guys that she only went as far as oral sex with).  Hearing her varied experiences, I realized I was doing things that other men weren’t.  As experienced as she was, I was better than all of them.  I thought she was bullshitting me, of course, to stroke my ego.  When we just started seeing each other there were several other guys in the mix–an arrangement that I was quite happy with because I also wanted to play the field.

However, she soon decided that she wanted to put me on lock down and ditched all the other guys to be with me.  My weak relationship management skills meant that I reluctantly agreed, thinking that when she moved to another city after graduation she would re-kindle her relationship with a guy she knew there and I would be free again.

I was WAAAY off.

Compared to my infantile relationship skills, this woman was a master manipulator and skillfully maneuvered me into shutting down my new business to move in with her.  That meant servicing her EVERY night of the week, and multiple times on weekends.  It may sound like heaven, but I was putting in 10 hours of work Monday through Friday and 5 on Saturday.

I finally made my escape several months later, a little worse for wear.  But even that wasn’t enough to convince me that there was something different about me and my sex.  It wasn’t until the next year when my first girlfriend from America moved to Japan that I started to realize that what I was doing was really powerful.

To Wear the Pants in the Relationship,
Be the Daddy in the Bedroom

In the interim year that we’d been apart, she’d decided to have a bit of fun.  But it turned into a string of unpleasant and often physically painful experiences that left her remembering her time dating me.  So, when she moved to Japan the tables were turned.

The change shocked me…because I could very clearly remember the pain I often felt when yet another one of my sexual advances was turned down–how sad and angry I felt for putting so much effort into being a good boyfriend, planning nice dates regularly, buying her mountains of gifts on her birthday, Christmas and Valentines day and even turning down one girl who invited me to spend the night with her when I was away in another city for job interviews.

Now she was the one who was initiating sex and telling me how great I was in bed.  And that meant that I had access when and how I wanted it and that changes everything.  For the first time, I was getting exactly what I wanted(lots of top quality sex) and giving exactly the level of commitment I wanted.

The fact that my early sexual experiences were so different from most of the guys I know has meant that they find it really hard to understand the sexual reality I live in.  I’ve slept with about 100 women and most of them I stayed with for months and many of them for years even with them knowing that it was not an exclusive relationship.  Many of them have left me only to come back later when they realized that I was providing an experience they couldn’t get elsewhere.

Of those women, only 3 didn’t give me a blow job the FIRST TIME we had sex.  Many women love nothing more than to have me deep in their mouths and I have videos of them having orgasms without me doing anything else other than just laying there and shooting my load into their happy mouths.  I’ve had sex in stairwells, Ferris wheels, many public restrooms, on hotel balconies and even in a hospital bed when a girl I was seeing was stuck there for two weeks with a lung infection, but couldn’t resist.

Ready to Live Out Your Sexual Fantasies?

It’s common that women will have 10, 20, 30, and more orgasms in one sex session with me.  Often they are the ones initiating sex and making special requests like role-playing, taking home videos, going to sex clubs, 3-somes(yup, that’s right, requesting 3-somes) and even recommending me to their friends.

One time, I was in Taipei with Bolo and a 2 girls invited us to go eat with them.  Now these girls weren’t great, but they were fun, and food is food, so off we went.  When we got to the restaurant and they suggested I try the stinky tofu, I off-handedly commented that it smelled like “squirt juice”.  One of the girls looked up at me and asked me to repeat myself.  And when I did she had this awe-struck look in her eyes and on her face when she said to me, “You know how to do that?”

The rest of the meal was spent with her telling her friend how amazing and rare an experience a squirting orgasm is and trying to convince her to go home with me just so she could experience it for herself.  It’s impossible to explain what it’s like when women want sex from you more than you want it from them.

The fact is that all orgasms are not created equal and when you have a woman who will do back-flips for you in the bedroom you can make sure that you get off exactly as you want every time.

I want to emphasize how this shifts the entire pickup and dating experience yourself.  It’s true that she doesn’t know what’s in store for her, but when you know that you’re giving her the opportunity to sign up for an experience that she can only have with you, that will be better than whatever she’s had before, it comes through in small ways.  Once you take the Art and Science of Sex, you’ll have a far greater understanding and control of the sexual dynamic and that means that when a woman’s defenses come up just before sex happens, you’ll be able to navigate them skillfully and progress to sex more smoothly than you ever have before.

Could You Enjoy Your Sex Life More?  Come Harder, Shoot Farther, and Finish Light Headed and Weak in The Knees?  If You Could, Would You Want to Know How?

Years ago, when I first moved to Japan, I met an American guy who was in the same scholarship program as me.  Like me, he was circumcised at birth.  But unlike me, he was really unhappy about it.  You see, it turns out that the foreskin has about 10,000 nerve endings on it and removing it not only removes all the delicious sensations that a man can experience from them, but it also means that the head of the penis becomes callused and looses a lot of it’s natural sensitivity.

He would go on and on and on about the injustice of not having the opportunity to enjoy sex as much as he could of and he was pretty angry about it.  I’d heard that some men went through the trouble of reclaiming their foreskin.  I read one report of a guy saying that it was 4 year project for him of gradually stretching the skin of the shaft of his penis over the head.  On one hand, I’m curious.  Who wouldn’t be, right?  But here’s the thing.

Sex is 100% in the mind.


And I know this because the mind has the ability to create all of the sensations necessary for orgasm–something we experience whenever we have a wet dream.  The body is just one interface for creating sensations in the mind.  In the Art and Science of Sex Seminar, you’ll learn the skills to create a new level of sexual satisfaction you didn’t know was possible for both you and your partner.

You’ll learn how to:

  • make women’s  panties soaking wet from the minute they meet you
  • make women orgasm harder and longer than you ever thought possible
  • turn women’s orgasm from an event to a constant state
  • train any woman to come however you want her to–even by whispering into her ear
  • get a blowjob every time, and even make her want to swallow it all
  • make women orgasm while giving you a blowjob
  • never again have a woman you’re seeing turn down your sexual advances
  • give any woman a squirting orgasm every time
  • make anal sex so good, she’ll be begging you for it
  • get women to do anything you want in bed –> blowjobs, period sex, bust it in their mouth, anal, squirting,
  • give every woman a squirting orgasm every time
  • never have your girls go dry during sex again
  • how to use toys and what toys to use
  • and much more…

Topics Covered:

  • Female sexual psychology: understanding how women think and feel about sex
  • Covert influence and subliminal persuasion: how to change people’s behavior with zero resistance
  • Lady/Whore: understanding the whore inside every lady
  • Linking and Anchoring: how to create pathways between any stimulus of your choosing with your desired response
  • Compliance Whirlwind: when you know this, you’ll be able to get more of what you want out of your woman
  • Sexual Qualification: make your life easy be screening and framing the right women into your bedroom
  • Progressing(rewarding): turn any woman into the porn stat you’ve always wanted
  • DEVI – Dominance, Emotion, Variety, Immersion: combine these elements and she’ll never forget you
  • Buttons and levers – Anatomy and Orgasms, types of touch, mixing textures: instruction manual to the female body
  • Tools – fingers, teeth, lips, breath, tongue, saliva, palms, body hair, toes, voice: we’ll dissect your toolbox
  • Equipment – lube, condoms, towels(waterproof sheets), tissues, restraints, dildos, anal plugs, vibrators, etc
  • Sexual State Projection: how to convey your sexual energy without scaring her away
  • Pacing and Leading: get inside her head and take her where she wants to go
  • Maintaining an erection: never have trouble keeping it up again
  • Positions and changing positions: how to change positions smoothly so you don’t break the good vibes
  • Different sex locations: the pros and cons of your sex location options
  • Post sex: what to do after sex to keep things from getting awkward and make her want to come back again
  • Role playing: how to setup a good role-play
  • How to use porn: a key training tool for any woman
  • Filming girls during sex: document the legend
  • Violence and sex: take your sex to a new level of intensity
  • And a whole lot more…

The Art and Science of Sex Seminar runs about 12-16 hours total(depending on questions and discussion) with half on Saturday and half on Sunday.  It could run over depending on the level of discussion, the amount of questions and the specific topics that interest the participants.

You’ll also receive audio recordings of the previous Art and Science of Sex seminar and over 59-minutes of video including live demos; some taken from my home video library covering:

  • anal fingering techniques
  • vaginal fingering techniques
  • squirting orgasm technique
  • changing sexual positions smoothly and easily
  • kissing techniques
  • and more…

In addition to the seminar, you’ll get access to the Art and Science of Sex section of the A-team(the exclusive forum for PickUp Asia Alumni) which has premium content and detailed follow up information on topics covered in the seminar.  The real value though, is the reports you can read from previous seminar graduates and the direct feedback you get from me on your own sexual relationships.  We go more in depth and talk more candidly about sex than you’ll find anywhere else because nothing is off limits.

BONUS #1: Make 3-Somes a Normal Part of Your Life

The audio interview I did of Kevin Cashmere aka Bon Jovi who is a master at 3-some and circle game.  In this interview that runs over 2-hours and 10-minutes, we cover everything you need to know about getting two women into bed at the same time, how to make turn your woman into a golden retriever who goes out and collects new girls for you both to enjoy together and how to turn a one time 3-some into an ongoing 3-way relationship if you so desire.

Bonus #2: Audio Recordings from the Art and Science of Sex Seminar I did with Vision,Drake and Evolution

The entire 2-day, 12-hour seminar is yours free because this was one of the most intense in depth sessions I’ve ever run.  The experience and knowledge these guys brought to the table meant that the quality of the questions was unparalleled and the really squeezed every ounce of knowledge and wisdom out of me.

Learn from them.

BONUS #3: The entire Art and Science of Sex Program usually, $400.00 is FREE for you

This digital download program that includes video, audio interviews, and diagrams is yours free.  Usually retailing at $400.00, I want to make sure that everything I have that can make your sex life better is available to you.

BONUS #4: Lifetime Attendance to The Art and Science of Sex Seminar anywhere in the world!

The seminar is always evolving and improving and while there will be plenty of discussion on the forum, you may want a refresher course to review what you learned, or you may just come to enjoy the antics.  Whatever your reason, you can attend the Art and Science of Sex Seminar as many times as you like.  We’ll always have a seat for you.

How Much to Invest in the Sex Life You’ve Always Wanted?

The Art and Science of Sex Seminar is $1,897.  Approach Mastery Boot Camp Alumni pay ONLY $948!  As always, you are fully protected by our $100% SOLID GOLD money back guarantee.  With no questions asked, we will return your entire investment (in solid gold if you prefer), and while you’ll lose access to the private forum, you’ll be able to keep the all the recordings and video content you’ve received as part of the course.

Don’t Believe What I Have to Say, Take It From A Very, VERY Satisfied Girl

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