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Our clients come from all walks of life – from college students to multi-million dollar entrepreneurs (sometimes both) – from all around the world. These men have one thing in common: they trust PickUp to help them get the women they want into their lives.

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RedPoleQ was extremely impressive on the call I did with him for Asian Dating Superstars. The content he shared was spot-on accurate and was really educational for everyone listening.Just listening to him, you get the immediate feel that this is truly a man who knows what he is talking about and has the proof and the results to backup whatever he has to say. RedPoleQ is the real deal and if you are in a region where he holds a workshop, get off your butt and get signed up right away. -Ryker Koh, Creator of AsianDatingSuperstars.com


This Boot Camp was one of the most exciting, challenging and joyful weekend that I ever had. I will continue learning by myself and look for more practice. – I.A.


Difference leads to success. That’s really what I learned. I view myself as a different guy now, and I can look at the people around me and feel special, different, confident. – W.Y.


Not only was the training I got from the masters invaluable, but I got in touch with guys who I can go out with every week, so every weekend becomes like a little Boot Camp. The Boot Camp, and everything growing out of it, was and still is worth every cent. – B.L.


With the invaluable feedback I get from PickUp Asia, I honestly feel myself getting sharper every single week. With this, I don’t just mean my ‘skills’, or however you want to call it. I really feel I’m improving the quality of myself as a person in parallel with the process of becoming a better pick-up artist. – B.L.


Overall, the Boot Camp was a completely mind-altering experience; RedpoleQ and Allusion were awesome teachers, the real deal. I had no idea that real practice in the field could be like this. – B.H.


This weekend was one of the most exciting weekends of my life. I realized a ton of things and changed the way I view social interactions. – J.S.


The PickUp Asia crew is awesome – a wealth of knowledge and experience. They are really supportive. You can tell that they really want each of us to have success with the women we wanted. Yes, they pushed s hard; we need to be pushed. The Boot Camp was worth every penny. – M.S.


All in all an awesome time, highly recommended to anyone out there who wants to take a Boot Camp here in Japan. – R.G.


The three days at Boot Camp were probably the most influential days of my life. – W.Y.


Boot Camp was the most demanding, mentally and physically (and maybe even spiritually) challenging weekend of my life, but what I learned about women – creating attraction, socializing – and myself is many times what I paid. – A.K.


I took the 2 day Awakening the Man Within inner game seminar with RedpoleQ… it was such an emotional experience. He’s not just good at motivating and moving you to take action, but what I loved the most it’s his good nature. It’s just fun to be around him because of his vibe and energy. And he’s always willing to give you a hand. – Balerolylash Rome, Italy


The bootcamp was no doubt the best money I’ve spent to date. In the weeks past taking the PickUp Asia Approach Mastery bootcamp, I went from the guy who has read everything without doing anything to the guy who’s trying everything, no matter what the books say! – J.A. 22


Dude, I’m on to my FOURTH close after the bootcamp! I think this new girl could be a regular, and she said she loves sex so much. I think I might be in for a treat… Sometimes I look back at myself a year ago, and get teary eyes. Sounds fk-ing gay, but its true. All thanks to you RedpoleQ. – O.J. Osaka, Japan


RedPoleQ, thanks for being such an awesome coach. Just want to tell you that shortly after taking your program, I met my wife and it was all because of your training. What you taught me in that time was so, so important and I am successful because of it. Thanks again. – Lupin, Tokyo, Japan