Learn How to ​​​​Attract Asian Women

Learn From The Largest and Longest-Running Pickup Community in Asia

"The PickUp Asia crew is awesome – a wealth of knowledge and experience. They are really supportive. You can tell that they really want each of us to have success with the women we wanted. The Boot Camp was worth every penny." - M.S.

Notorious and ground-breaking in Asia, our 10-part crash course will show you step-by-step how to meet and attract local Asian women in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong.

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Pickup Asia Live Events and Resources

Local Lairs: Meet with other successful and driven men who are working on themselves and their game. Pickup Asia moderates many large communities in almost every major country in Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and more).

All Asia Summit:
For the past decade, we've brought together guys from all over Asia to GO DEEP on self-improvement concepts. The All Asia summit is a yearly event focused on game, fitness, business and more. We invite speakers from all over the world and host three days of seminars, workshops and in-field action.

Get immediate and direct feedback on your game with a 3-day intensive bootcamp. Each of our bootcamp coaches has in-depth knowledge of pickup and Asian culture. We can provide any novice student with a solid framework for success with women or help advanced students drill-down on their sticking points or take their skill-set to the next level. No matter who you are, a bootcamp will give you incredible gains.

Advanced Courses: Our teaching doesn't just stop with approaching women. We offer advanced courses on all of the following subjects: fashion, texting, relationship management, Instagram and social media game and more.

Student Testimonials

RedPoleQ was extremely impressive on the call I did with him for Asian Dating Superstars. The content he shared was spot-on accurate and was really educational for everyone listening.Just listening to him, you get the immediate feel that this is truly a man who knows what he is talking about and has the proof and the results to backup whatever he has to say. RedPoleQ is the real deal and if you are in a region where he holds a workshop, get off your butt and get signed up right away.

Ryker Koh

RedPoleQ, thanks for being such an awesome coach. Just want to tell you that shortly after taking your program, I met my wife and it was all because of your training. What you taught me in that time was so, so important and I am successful because of it. Thanks again.

Lupin in Tokyo, Japan

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