Text Messaging Mastery Seminar

When I first started teaching pickup back in 2007, text game wasn’t such an important component. Back then, the occasional SMS was necessary to lock down a date, and maybe a phone call here and there. In Japan, text game was a bit more important because from the time I moved there in 2000, all phones had e-mail addresses that allowed for long form communication, and by 2004, even though smart phones hadn’t hit the scene, most Japanese cell phones had high quality cameras which made it easy to send pictures back and forth.

Once smartphones came out, and especially messaging apps and the unlimited (and CHEAP!) data plans came around, the importance of messaging grew exponentially. It was already pretty important in Japan, but with the ability to send picture,s videos, web links, stickers, etc, a lot more possibilities opened up for skillful communication.

Back in my early Japan days, hanging out with my crew, standing at a busy intersection looking for targets of opportunity, we used to spend a lot of time kicking around ideas to schedule girls and deal with problems such as flakes, and relationship issues and god knows what other kinds of objections to meeting, sex, meeting a 2nd time, and on it went.

I didn’t realize it before, but as I’ve spent more and more time looking at other guys texts, and walking guys through text exchanges, it’s became more and more obvious that I looked at texting a lot differently than most guys who came through boot camps.

After more than a few of these walkthroughs with Vision, he repeatedly demanded that I put together at text messaging seminar. As such, a lot of what will be in the Text Messaging Mastery Seminar is pulled directly from working with Vision and helping him out with his text game as well as a few other guys who have come to me specifically to help them move things along with scheduling girls.

We’ll start by covering those critical, easy-to-forget, things that you should do on the initial meet. A lot of that will be critical information that makes it easier to progress the pickup forward to the day 2 over text. When you walk away with the right information, and even more important know what information is critical to scheduling a girl, you’re in a much better position to work your text game to get far better results.

I’ll cover the basic mindsets and concepts I use to structure my text game and figure out what I need to do next to progress the sarge. And I’ll provide an overarching strategy for how to put all the pieces together. You’ll even do some simple exercises to help develop your mindset further and help to solidify the skills you need to be successful with text game.

A large part of the problem with most guys is that they are only looking at it from their own perspective, when what you really need to do is think about how your texts are perceived by receiver. We’ll talk about what her thoughts, feelings and emotions are, and how you can figure them out in text game so that you know when to push for the meet and when to use one of the various other tactics you’ll learn in the seminar.

I’ll go over the 11 common mistakes I see guys make in their text messages and what to do instead. You’ll learn how to craft good messages that are more likely to engage the girl and get the response you want.

Flakes—no call/no shows, and sudden cancellations are unavoidable. You’ll learn how to handle them so that you can maximize your chances of being able to get another meet; how to make it so she regrets missing out so she’s more likely to show up next time; and how to invite her out again without looking weak and needy.

We’ll even talk about when it’s best to go to the phone call, and how to handle it when she says or asks things that put you on the spot. How you answer at those key moments is often the make or break of your text game.

The key is to maneuver her into a situation where all odds are stacked in your favor and only THEN making your move.

The Text Messaging Mastery Seminar will teach you how.

The Text Messaging Mastery Seminar is only open to boot camp alumni at the moment, so if you want to sign up for it…you know how to reach me!