10 Simple Steps to Get More, And Better, Women Sooner(as in NOW!)

Step 2: Watch Chick Flicks

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I’m always amazed at how many guys out there don’t watch chick flicks. You gotta watch these things. If you want to appeal to women you have to understand why they love Pretty Woman, Titanic, Sex and the City and every Hugh Grant movie.

Most guys can’t stand these movies, while most women love them. This gets to the heart of what women want out of life and if you can’t understand it, you can’t give them what they want.

Internalize: Women screaming as they ride a roller coaster

Here’s the key to watching chick flicks.

Focus on the emotional experience of the movie and not what’s actually happening. Women don’t watch movies for what happens. Usually nothing happens. Especially not compared to guy movies.

Guy movies are all about making change and good versus evil. Heavy stuff.

Pretty Woman on the other hand is about a woman who starts off as a prostitute and ends up finding love with the extremely rich and handsome Richard Gere.  Seriously lame.

But think about what this says about female psychology. Cinderella…sure. She had to clean up after everyone. That’s WAAAAAY different from sexing and blowing guys for cash on the streets.

What is it that women identify with in Pretty Woman, really? How often do you date prostitutes—yeah, exactly. So what does this tell you about what women want?

They all want to get paid to fuck. Well, not exactly. Think about it and get back to me: [email protected]

And now we get to Titanic. It’s about a ship sinking. If it was a guy movie, it would be all about the massive, yet futile efforts to save the ship and as many people as are on it—the heroism of struggle against the inevitable. But it’s not. Instead of chronicling the various heroics of people trying to save their own lives and those of others, it’s about one woman’s experience of love in those short moments.

How sweet.

So what is that experience and how did Jack slide in there and get the goodies from under high society’s upturned noses? The answer to that one is the real value.

Once again, think about it and get back to me: [email protected]

I know, I know. It’s hard to watch these without gagging. Sounds like you need to get your body under control…

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