10 Simple Steps to Get More, And Better, Women Sooner(as in NOW!)

Step 3: Exercise

Listen to this short, 5-minute audio
from RedpoleQ on exercise and how even a little will
help your game in many surprising ways.

I hate to break it to you lazy couch potatoes, but being in shape does help.  I’m not talking about bulking up and becoming a muscle head or anything like that.

And I’m not suggesting you work out to look good, though that’s a plus. Sure fitness makes you more physically attractive to women and has positive side effects like increasing testosterone production, and releasing other good for you hormones, but more significantly for our purposes is the positive effect on your mental state.

A high-school one-itis of mine recently told me she looks out for guys who are fanatical about martial arts—it’s indication of a self-esteem issue.  Her telling me this was like a falcon punch to the solar plexus, because I remembered that at the time when I was madly in love with and desperately chasing her, I had been fanatical about martial arts.

I doubt she even remembers that, but it hit me pretty hard, because in my case it was definitely true.  Nice.  I got to be a case study for her titled, The Twelve Types of Men to Run Away From Screaming(I think I saw that on the cover of Cosmo).

There’s nothing wrong with having self-esteem problems, or any other “problems”—as long as you’re working to change them.  In fact there’s everything right about a  problem result you want to change, because of who you become through the process of working towards that change.

Grand isn’t it?

Working out is good for your mental state because it’s about challenging yourself and improving.  It proves to yourself that you have the ability to overcome adversity in your life by exercising increased amounts of power.

And when you prove to yourself that you have the ability increase your power in one area of your life you can know that you have the ability to exercise more power in other areas of your life as well.

It’s the whole snowball thing.  Hard work in the beginning, but then it builds momentum, grows increasingly faster and with less effort—sweet.

That’s the real benefit of working out.  So, get that (snow)ball rolling.

Drop down and give me 20!  And while you’re at it…

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