10 Simple Steps to Get More, And Better, Women Sooner(as in NOW!):


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We all have to start somewhere.  Maybe this is your start.  Or maybe this is another chapter in your story—another step on your path.

Either way, what follows in these pages will help you if you’re not 100% happy with your relationships.

A lot of people teach tips, tricks, tactics and lines to “get women” and while I’m not going to lie and tell you they don’t help(because they do), I want to let you in on a little secret:

The easiest way to consistently get women is to be the kind of guy that woman are attracted to.

I’m a fan of short cuts and that’s the only one in this game–the “magic bullet”.  Change is the message.  Change is the challenge.  I know you’re up to it or your eyes wouldn’t be touching this page.

Inside you’ll find things to think about and actions you can take to get you where you want to go, faster.

Good or great?

We at PickUp Asia have helped guys in over 6 countries to get the kind of women they’ve dreamed about, and have the kind of relationships they’d always wanted.  I’m sure we can do the same for you.

I thank you for putting your trust, time and effort into this report, and I encourage you to start what you can right now.  Pick one thing from this report to do and get it done before you go to bed tonight.

Shakespeare(a slightly better and more well known writer than me), said:
“Whereof what’s past is prologue, what to come
In yours and my discharge.”

Let this be the prologue to the life you’ve always wanted.  Let this be the spark that starts you moving forward.  Without momentum you’re going nowhere.

Get momentum and keep going.


PickUp Asia Lead Boot Camp Instructor

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