Boot Camp FAQ

1. Do I need to speak, Japanese/Korean/Chinese to do a boot camp?

No.  Some of our students are fluent in the language of the country they usually run game in, but many aren’t.  In the boot camp we train your sub-coms and teach you how to communicate very simply to convey meaning and move through PickUp Asia’s Phase5 Cycle.

2. Will this work when I go back home, or only in Asia on Asian women?

No, our Phase5 Cycle will work anywhere in the world.  Our students have used it to have success in France, Belgium, Canada, The US, Brazil, Mexico, and of course, right here in Asia with girls who come from afar(our clients have dated women visiting from Germany, Sweden, Russia, Mongolia, and The Czech Republic, to name a few).

3. I don’t like clubs.  Does PickUp Asia’s Phase5 Cycle work in coffee shops, gyms, grocery stores, and other day-time venues?

Absolutely.  In fact during PickUp Asia’s boot camp, you’ll get the opportunity to practice meeting women in day time venues such as coffee shops, book stores, shopping malls, and other stores.  In fact, you’ll find that women are much more open to being approached in the day time than you ever imagined.

4. What’s the schedule?

1st Session: Friday 7pm-Saturday 5am
2nd Session: Saturday 3pm-7:30pm
3rd Session: Saturday 10:30pm-Sunday 5am
4th Session: Sunday 3pm-10pm

Note: All sessions include an opportunity to eat and the 4th Session is followed by dinner which usually finishes by 10pm.

5. How many students are there in one Approach Mastery boot camp?

Boot camps are generally limited to 4 people, though it could be more according to the availability of instructors.

6. How many instructors are there?

RedpoleQ is PickUp Asia’s lead boot camp instructor in Japan and Korea while Kane Vast is the instructor for China and McConnell is the instructor for Thailand.

Usually we have one or more Approach Coaches to assist.

7. What is the Phase5 Cycle?

This is PickUp Asia’s proprietary system that takes you from meet to lay.  While it incorporates elements that are common to many pickup systems, ours is geared specifically towards Asian women, finding the kind of women you really want(beyond looks), and towards developing continuing ongoing relationships.

8. Where do you hold your boot camps?

We hold Approach Mastery boot camps in Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok and Fukuoka.  If you are not located near any of these cities, or do not see a boot camp schedule for your city, contact us and we can discuss holding it in a major Asian city near you.

9. When is your next boot camp?

Check our schedule for the most update information on boot camps dates.  If you’d like to do a boot camp at a date or place that is not on the schedule, contact us and we’ll work with you to come up with a mutually agreeable time, date and place.

10. Who will be my instructor?

RedpoleQ in Japan/Korea, Kane Vast in China and McConnell in Bangkok are the lead boot camp instructors while your approach coaches will be experienced PickUp Asia boot camp Alumni, based on availability.

11. What kind of follow on support do you have?

All boot camp Alumni get access to our exclusive forum, The Entourage where you can post questions, and field reports, so that you can get feedback from RedpoleQ, as well as read, interact and learn from fellow boot camp Alumni.

VIP Boot camp Alumni will also get 4 follow up coaching calls with RedpoleQ!

12. How long have you been doing this?

We began PickUp Asia in January of 2007(first as The Osaka Crew).  Since then we have taught over 109 boot camp Alumni in more than 45 boot camps held in Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, and Fukuoka, Taipei, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

13. Where should I stay?

Because of the late hours, we recommend that if you find accommodation no more than 45-minutes away from the downtown areas where we will be holding the boot camp.  We can offer specific recommendations in Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok Singapore and Fukuoka.

14. How can I reach someone and get my specific question about PickUp Asia’s Approach Mastery boot camp answered?

Ask your question here and a PickUp Asia representative will answer your question(s) personally.

“I want to take PickUp Asia’s transformational Approach Mastery training course that has helped guys all over the world have awesome relationships with amazing women!”

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