In Part IV, I’m going talk about dealing with women’s shadows.  Because that’s a large part of pickup in the final analysis.  The only way to leave the shadow out of it is with arranged marriages, where you could appeal to the woman’s family with logic and they would marry her off to you.

Not anymore…the ironic thing is that many(most?) men still think, as I once did, that appealing to women’s logic, their persona、 is what’s going to get you the chick.  Often times, it goes something like this, “I was nice, I have a good job, and I took her out and paid for everything.  Therefore she should want to be my girlfriend, or at least fuck me.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  If it did, I never would have learned game.

As I said in part II, most(all?) of our motivations are in our subconscious and a large portion of that is in our Shadow.  Many of our actions in life are to find ways to express our shadows without violating social norms.

Pickup really is about letting women express their shadow in spite of social conditioning while doing it in such a way that they don’t “feel bad”.  And this is what makes it so difficult.

If you look out my go to movie, Titanic you can see this in action.  Rose feels OK about being a “slut” because:

1) It’s “true love”(golden shadow)

2) She begins to see her normal world as being bad(actually, in Titanic, Jack was in a fairly good position because she was already disenchanted and just didn’t know that there could be something different).

In fact she was on “death ground” when he met her, literally, since she was planning to jump and kill herself.  So at that point she was pretty desperate to try anything and Jack showed up and gave her a new way to look at and experience life.

Most of us aren’t so lucky to happen upon the desperate(nor would you want to, believe me!), plus, we’ve got an even more serious problem when it comes to Asian women:

The social conditioning is much more rigid than in the west AND the realities are that women logically need men more in Asia and thus who they fuck and marry and have relationships with is more important than it is for Western women who can take care of themselves, “Thank you very much.”

Women who Robert Greene, in his book Overcoming Your shadow, where the author talks about falling in love as projecting the good points of your shadow on to another person.  And this is exactly why the exotic fetishist is so easily drawn to foreigners.

It also explains why Rose(in Titanic) is drawn to Jack who embodies all of the traits that her upper class upbringing have forced her to repress.  And that it what I’ll write about in part V–the concept of falling in love as projecting your shadow out there.

If there’s any aspect that I’ve covered that you think isn’t clear or that you’d like me to go into more, by all means let me know.  Your feedback and thoughts help to sharpen my own thinking.

Also, I suggest you read this article on the concept of the Jungian shadow.