I like lizards.


So who’s been to Phebe yet?

If not….go there! If you have then check out Fuxing park.


Anyone remember Club Lady Gaga?


Richy: Typical Chinese club. (Fuxing park)

Not many foreigners, pretty standard Chinese club meaning there are about 10 million tables and chairs and then a small dance floor…..even though its a small dance floor this club is still pretty cool.

The club is great for finding Chinese girls and just generally having fun, its close to a few other clubs so its a good place to hang around as you can bounce to other places quickly and easily.

Drinks are ok priced.


Park 97: A bizzare bizzare place. (fuxing park)

Two levels and many many tables…..

I’ve never seen it totally packed but then again its never really empty…..

Security are pushy and a little retarded, the club has lots of Chinese people and not many foreigners (this seems to be the case with Fu xing park) its mainly commerical boring music and I haven’t personally had a fantastic or memorable time there, yet (still hoping).

It’s worth checking out but not worth spending the night at.

Not sure about the drinks.


Guandi: Its famous…(fuxing park)

I’ve been here a few times, its almost always empty which leads me to believe its a late late late night club (4am-ish)

It’s trendy and occasionally attracts some people from the Shanghai dance crews….it can be a little hit and miss though because its rarely consistent with the music.

Check it out or dont…..

Not sure about the drinks.


I will cover more clubs (Xin tian Di – complete coverage) in the next post.


Small dive bars/clubs:

Windows underground



Everything else in between: 


Windows too

Brown sugar

Davidoff lounge


LADDDDDDYYYYYYYY GAGA. (watch out for this one)


Thanks for reading my rant on Shanghai clubs, I hope you love it.