Hey, I’mmmmmm back.
Anyone been to Lady Gaga? That place is unreal.
Here we go:
Muse 1: ohhhhhhhh damn.

I love this place, this place is totally chill. (Xi kang lu crossing Yu yao lu)
Muse is a great place because its balanced, you have 2 decent sized dance floors (it’s 3 levels), 3 bars and its a perfect mix of Foreigners and Chinese 30/70.
Friday nights has good music, generally hip hop and they generally have dancers and MC’s/Black dudes rapping or beat boxers.
Saturday is more house or just commerical remixed hip hop.
Always a good place to find girls who are friendly towards foreigners and speak reasonable English.
The 3rd level is private rooms with private service.
Drinks aren’t too expensive.

Muse 2: ummmmmmmmmm…yeah…

Basically just a bigger M1 without the 2nd dance floor.
There are A LOT of tables, again same crowd and its a little classier……It is usually too crowded, you have to battle your way through to get anywhere on the busy nights which is a pain in the ass.
The dance floor is a death trap, its a few raised blocks and if you fall if there is a good chance of death.
Other than that, its all right.
Drinks are more expensive than muse 1.

Sky:  Oh…HbSichuan…..

Sky is a wonderful place, its right next to Muse 1 and you can sneak into both of them by going around the back and either going in through the fire exit to get into Sky or use the elevator to get into Muse.

Sky has TABLES, they recently just filled up half the dance floor with tables…..which is kinda crappy but there is still enough of a dance floor to have a good time.
Alcohol is well (correction – 40rmb gets you an orange juice with a spit of vodka in it – RUBBISH) priced, the place is really well run and managed, security is good and everything goes smoothly.
It does get pretty packed on weekends, Friday night is Hip hop, Saturday is house and commercial stuff.

Phebe: I love this place, so much.

Phebe is/was/still sorta is the bomb.
Again it recently got raped (yes raped) with tables, despite that its still a great place….onto why its a great place:
It’s a Chinese club…..and it has some Foreigners….it also has some class.
There is mini golf, a Lady playing Piano (that sadly no one can hear) and many cool events/dance things/shows they hold inside.
There is the Lesbian act where two Chinese girls in a shower mimic sex with a dude (they’re wearing clothes).
The Michael Jackson act : Some Chinese dude pretends to do some MJ moves…then pulls off most of his clothing and does some sorta gay belly dancing thing and generally prances around….its amusing.
They have a few other shows and other things going on which keep it interesting….
They also have Drink girls (girls who drink with you if you pay them), hookers and everything else in between.
I love Phebe because something magic always happens there, I’ve met models, ABC’s and all sorts here, I’ve had some of my favourite clubbing experiences here.
Drinks are ok priced.

All the clubs are pretty close to each other (10 mins or so by Taxi) and its easy to travel around as there are Taxi’s at all hours.

I hope this clears some stuff up for you guys.

Seriously check out Phebe, even if you don’t prefer Chinese clubs, you will like Phebe.