The Remedy

Guys who are naturally good with women always seem to know the right thing to say, whether it’s an amusing story, a clever remark, or a wry observation. They know how to move the conversations in ways that make it easy for women to say yes to their requests.

Of course, we all know there is much more to it than just the words they use. Things like rhythm, timing, body language, tone of voice, all play an important part. But the simple truth is that, just like any great salesman or presenter, the guys who are really good with women know exactly what they’re going ahead of time. They have scripts they follow, a collection of stories, vignettes, games, jokes, puns, , that not only keep women entertained, but enthralled.

PickUp Asia has The Remedy. This script, developed especially for you by Kid44 and Levo, will end, once and for all, the problem of not knowing what to say to the high-quality women you meet.

To build your Remedy, Kid44 and Levo will personally interview you and draw out the important events and experiences in your life that have made you who you are. They will then craft this into a ei of powerful statements, gambits, and topics of conversation that will allow you to weave important aspects of your identity into a casual discussion that also effectively frames the kind of relationship you want.

The Remedy

is over 10 pages long and will give you more than 30 minutes of material. Once you have The Remedy, you will be able to use as much of it as you need, at any time, to get the results you want.

Along with The Remedy Kid44 and Levo will personally work with you to include timing, body language, gestures and touching to improve your results, as well as trouble-shoot your early efforts in using The Remedy.

Best of all, your Remedy is YOURS AND YOURS ALONE. It is unique to you; you will never meet anyone who has your exact stack.

Instead of copying the ‘routines’ of some ‘pick-up artist’ and running the risk of being called out as a fake or a fraud, why not tell YOUR STORY to women and have them find themselves deeply attracted he REAL YOU?

Get The Remedy and move even faster toward having the kinds of relationships you want with the kinds of women you want. Click here to contact Kid44 and oor more information and to order your personalized Remedy NOW.