Why Take a Boot Camp?


You must be genuinely considering working with us or you wouldn’t have found your way to this page.

Choosing to take a PickUp Asia boot camp is hardly like choosing a pack of gum. It’s serious commitment of money and time. Many guys wonder whether it’s really worth it.

The answer is different for each person and really depends on what your personal goals and desires are for your life and relationships.

Some guys would rather spend the time to painstakingly learn it on their own. That’s what I did since there were no companies offering the kind of training that PickUp Asia offers here in Japan.

It took me many years to get to the same level of mastery many of our clients reach in just a few months!

A lot of our guys take boot camps because they would rather take the shortcut to success with women and use their valuable time for other things like traveling, relaxing and making money, knowing that their woman situation is handled(whether that means that they are with one special girl or several is up to them).

Some guys already have some level of success. Maybe not the level of success they aspire to, but enough that it’s not worth it to take a few steps back so they can ultimately charge further forward.

Breaking down old habits that are producing moderate results can be hard. That’s why most people keep the same unsatisfying job or girlfriend so long–the lure of comfort, safety and tranquility.

Maybe that’s where you see yourself now. Or maybe you’re here because you can’t have the comfort and tranquility you seek without a major upgrade to your dating and relationship situation.

Regardless, I can’t tell you whether a boot camp is for you or not, but I can tell you that we’ve made it a VERY full, VERY intense weekend because we have found that it’s the most effective way to give you
the skills you need to get the women you want.

We used to allow guys to take anywhere from 2 to 4 of the sessions. But we found something very interesting–but so obvious in hindsight(isn’t everything?)

We discovered that those guys who took 4 sessions turned out not a little bit more successful, but IMMENSELY more successful than the guys who only did 2 or 3 sessions with us. I know, DUH!

And I have to admit that our pride is all tied up in this too, because we only want the best representing us. I don’t want our boot camp Alumni walking around telling people they worked with us and not having game.

Our best advertisement is happy men, parading around town with such high-quality women that their friends want to know how they can do the same thing–that their friends are in fact begging for the keys to the kingdom of game.

So, what is game?

Game is the ability to act in social environments
and accomplish your goals,
especially when it comes to the ladies
(not a Webster’s definition)

I hate to break it to you, but this is not something you can suddenly wake up with. You need a huge database of experience to cover the range of what you find in different social situations and you need to screw up enough times to ultimately get it right.

I can’t promise that you’ll be a pickup giant by the time our 25 hours together is over but I can promise you that you will have the firm foundation you need to become the ladies man you’ve always wanted to be.

I’m also not gong to lie to you and tell you that you’ll be drowning in a sea of women from the time the boot camp is over. It doesn’t work like that.

(And here’s where I disappoint you, by telling you that this is no magic pill. That you’ll need to work hard, sweat, change and develop new habits and behaviors. This is where we separate the men from the MEN, because real MEN are strong enough to face up to tough challenges that make them grow stronger.)

How it works is that you learn how to really crank up the pace you fill that database during the boot camp keep at it for 3-6 months and you’ll see HUGE leaps in the kind of women you date and the quality of the relationships.

I can tell you this, and stand behind it with our 100% Gold Standard Guarantee, because I’ve seen it OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again. Whether you’re young or hitting your 60s, and whether your rolling in the cash or are the typical poor student, we can make it happen for you, just like we’ve made it happen for so many guys before you.

Guys you can meet any time we run one of our free Mini-Seminars or talk to during one of our free teleseminars. A few of our boot camp Alumni always come out and play(we’ve got love like that).

They all got the same 25 hours of intensive experiential brain re-wiring that we call a PickUp Asia boot camp. We’ve consistently found that that amount of time is what it takes to build that firm foundation of action, experience and understanding of female psychology that has allowed our boot camp Alumni to be so consistently successful.

There’s something about that 25 hours that gives boot camp participants time to push their boundaries and have enough new experiences that by the time Sunday evening rolls around, their re-wired brains can take a fresh look at life, women, sex and relationships and start making major changes.

You’ll learn to use PickUp Asia’s Phase5 Cycle and you’ll use it so many times that it will be drilled into your head. At a bare minimum you’ll be able to open and hook sets–which means that you’ll be able to approach and start conversations with women in the daytime, at coffee shops, malls, on the street, and at bars and clubs.

So imagine for a minute that I give you some gear, a rifle, combat boots, a uniform and drop you into the middle of a war zone…

There you are, bullets flying–your knees are shaking–and if you’re like me, you’ve lost control of a few bodily functions, PLUS, you’ve got no training, no plan, and no clue.

Now imagine for a minute that I give you a fly shirt, designer jeans, a bottle of Moet, killer kicks and I drop you into the middle of a hot club…

There you are, goddesses swirling, and besides your shaking hands, and darting eyes trying to catch all the exposed skin, you’re completely frozen, PLUS you’ve got no training, no plan, and no clue.

I’ve been there. I WAS there and I absolutely refuse to go back.
I escaped and I’m bringing as many guys as I can with me

Meeting and talking to women can be stressful. And when you’re stressed, sweating and with butterflies in your stomach it’s hard to think of anything other than, “Let’s get outta here!” It’s our natural reptilian brain, fight or flight response kicking in.

That’s really what the boot camp is about overcoming.

We call it a boot camp for a reason. And just like a boot camp, where soldiers are drilled under pressure so that when they are in a real combat zone, their natural instincts take over, we drill you in our Phase5 Cycle until it’s virtually instinctual.

Even though you’re feeling the rush of adrenaline that makes your mouth dry and your feet ready to make a run for it you’ll still be able to do what it takes to GET THE WOMEN YOU WANT.

The pressure is real because you will be interacting with complete strangers, just as you will in the days, weeks and months after your boot camp. Of course, I, RedpoleQ, or one of our Approach Coaches will be there to take the heat if it gets too heavy, but this is about you developing your skills and your talents in the fire of the forge.

Progressive Desensitization

Some guys talk about the temporary “boot camp high”.

The boot camp is great because you have a real pro right there holding your hand.

The boot camp is terrible because you have a real pro right there holding your hand.

Eventually you have to learn how to cross the street on your own. Is it scary? You bet. Do you have the skills and training you need to make it across the street safely? You bet. Look both ways!

Ready to let go of Mommy’s hand yet?

Some people think that because they feel the same, they haven’t changed. Well, I feel the same as I did 5 years ago, but yet my life is totally different.

5 years ago, I was happy to get ONE girlfriend who was significantly cuter than either of the other two I’d had before. Now, I can’t keep track of all the beautiful women in my life.

But I FEEL the same.

Doesn’t matter. What I’ve learned and experienced has changed me and I have the results to prove it.

Maybe how you FEEL after the boot camp won’t change, but what will change is that you’ll know a lot more, including our Phase5 Cycle.

By the time your boot camp is over
you will have approached, 100, 150, 200, or more women;
you will have met women in bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, bars,
and on the street

Most guys think they know what will happen if they talk to a woman. They conjure up all sorts of outcomes based on movies they’ve seen, books they’ve read and a few past experiences here and there.

But after approaching 100, 150, 200, or more women in the course of just 48 hours, you’ll no longer be guessing. You’ll have more knowledge about women’s behavior than 98% of the “men” walking this planet.

You will be an approach master compared to the guy sitting one desk over.

This will change you. You will have abilities you didn’t have just 3 days earlier. Abilities you can go on to use to build a new life.

Some guys, come wanting to be entertained rather than work. They come out of curiosity to see rather than to learn.

The boot camp weekend is not about what we can do,
It’s about what we can teach YOU to do.

Will you be able to see the instructors in action? Yes. But the boot camp is about you and the things you can do that you didn’t know you could do. Come prepared to work. You will be exhausted physically when it’s all over. We start at 7pm on Friday and finish at 7pm on Sunday–48hours, 25 of which will be GO! GO! GO!

Mentally, the pace you’ll be working will keep your brain firing. And with all those women you meet, you’ll have enough information about women, their behavior and psychology to keep your mind chewing for weeks.

In fact, most of our boot camp Alumni report reliving their boot camp moments as their brain processes all this new information in their sleep. Sometimes for months after.

PickUp Asia’s boot camp really does leave an indelible mark on your mind by creating scores of new neural pathways.

It’s a lasting experience.

Instead of sitting around in circles chanting,
use the human mind’s most potent force
for change — action

And after it’s all said and done? After your 48 hours is up we don’t drop you off in the woods never to be seen again. As a member of The Entourage, our exclusive online forum for boot camp Alumni, you’ll have access to a serious brain trust of dating and relationship information.

I, RedpoleQ, read and respond to questions posted on our Approach Mastery boot camp alumni exclusive forum.

PLUS, you get to benefit from the the wealth of experience and knowledge of all our boot camp Alumni spread all over the world–Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Toronto, Paris, Dublin, Boston and other cities.

We’re a really active community of guys
who work hard and play hard

Our exclusive forum, the Entourage has over 109 members posting more than 15 posts a day. And while a lot of it is about women and dating, we’re no one trick pony.

Guys, who started out just like you, are using what they learn about running their brains better to improve all aspects of their lives including their professions.

So while we will definitely make sure that you get the relationships you want with the women you want, you’ll be able meet, work with, and become friends with other guys who are also building the kind of incredible life that you want for yourself.

Understand that the boot camp changes your life.

One of our guys quit his career at a top investment bank to travel around the world and then pursue his goal of becoming a stand-up comedian. Another finally started pursuing his childhood dream of becoming an inventor and he’s now presenting his inventions to companies for manufacturing. A third guy, who was a divorced, 43 year old belly dancing Elvis, married a 21 year old Chinese girl and moved back to the US to start his own hypnotherapy practice.

The stories are countless, and it all started with them realizing that they could be, do, and ultimately have more in their lives.

How much is this worth to you? Our boot camp Alumni tell us that the dramatic changes they’ve experienced in their lives are priceless.

Our 25+ hour intensive in-field boot camp training course is US$1,500.  It’s not cheap. As I’ve said, this is a serious commitment of money and time. I meant it. It’s not for everyone, and maybe it’s not for you.

We hope it is because there’s nothing we like better than working with cool, motivated guys like you and helping you GET THE WOMEN YOU WANT.

Looking forward to working with you,

PickUp Asia Master Boot Camp Instructor

PS Remember that we have our Gold Standard 100% money back guarantee so that if you are not satisfied in any way, for any reason, at the conclusion of your boot camp you’ll be able to get your money back ON THE SPOT.

“I want to take PickUp Asia’s transformational Approach Mastery boot camp training program that has helped guys all over the world have awesome relationships with amazing women!”