10 Simple Steps to Get More, And Better, Women Sooner(as in NOW!)

Step 8: A Game Plan

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There she is.  The woman of your dreams.  The perfect target—or good enough anyway.  And she’s looking your way.  What are you gonna do?

No idea, right?

And there’s you’re biggest problem.  Even if the perfect situation was to appear you’re not ready.  You haven’t trained for this.  You have no plan, and no idea where you’re headed.

No matter what you some guys say, I can tell you from my personal experience and that of my clients that meeting, dating and having relationships with women can be and often is STRESSFUL.

In fact, if it’s not stressful, then you’re not pushing it hard enough.  Even if you have the perfect woman, she should be a woman that makes you stretch.

OK, that was a nice dream.  Now back to the real world where we haven’t met the perfect girl yet.

So, as I was saying, meeting and dating women is stressful.

In fact, we even call our intensive “in field” training a boot camp.  In a military boot camp, they’re preparing you to be dropped into a war zone with bullets flying and people trying to kill you.
Luckily women aren’t that vicious.

But just like a military boot camp is designed to drill you over and over and over and over again so that when you are in that war zone even though you may be scared out of your mind and totally disoriented, you’ll have a plan of action installed inside your mind.

Successful drilling makes your actions independent of your emotional state, because that’s what’s required for a cohesive fighting force.

A PickUp Asia “boot camp” won’t get you killed(so don’t worry about that), but it will drill into you the well tested PickUp Asia system that guys have used successfully in over 6 countries.

Having a game plan will tell you that you start at point A and you need to progress to point D.  It will allow you to know at any time at what point you are and thus what you need to be doing next.  It takes out the guesswork.  Plus, it allows you to troubleshoot particular sections without having to start all over from scratch.

Whether you use our game plan or another well tested one, is up to you.  But use one, and use it consistently.

This will get you EVERYWHERE in pickup.

So let’s say you have a game plan, but you can’t get out the house?  Then you’re missing the next element that is key to progress with women and progress with anything else in your life too…

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