10 Simple Steps to Get More, And Better, Women Sooner(as in NOW!)

Step 7: Compassion For Women

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from RedpoleQ on the real way to be
the knight in shinning armor.

I don’t do what I do because I see women as objects. I do what we do because I want to create an army of men who are going out into the world and bringing more and more women massive value.

I, RedpoleQ, my partner, Kid44, and the rest of the PickUp Asia crew can only get to so many women, right? We need your help. And for you to help us you have to understand the plight of women.

If you’re like most guys, you’re thinking about how women have it made.  They doll themselves up, go out for a night on the town and spend the evening getting free drinks and brushing guys off.

I’m not going to lie. Women do that. But, trust me when I tell you that they’d rather not be at the bar or club at all. Hell, they probably would rather not be in the coffee shop or book store all by themselves either — do you really think they’d rather be out with the girls than having multiple orgasms with you?

Men!  Women are bored out of their minds because they can’t find the kind of guys who they really want to be with.

And to make matters worse, the best they can do is go out the house looking their best, keeping their fingers crossed, hoping that the prince on the white horse will magically appear.

You on the other hand are a hunter. Where women react, you act. You act on the world around you.  Kid44, loves to tell our clients to “be the hurricane”.

Your nature is to be the shaping force in your world and this allows you to go after and get what you want.

Ever wonder why women are into palm reading, tarot cards, and fortune telling of all kinds? Because they want to know what’s going to happen TO them.  It’s not about what they’re going to do and what actions they’re going to take.

That’s for you.

Which means that by you playing small, the women of the world miss out on living larger. You must live large and draw deserving women into the compelling life that you’ve created. That’s the real value that you bring as a man.

Now that you remember you’re a hunter, you’ll need to remember that a hunters most important tool is…

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