10 Simple Steps to Get More, And Better, Women Sooner(as in NOW!)

Step 5: Communication Skills

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No matter who you are, your skill at communicating will determine whether you are moving closer to being the mightiest of the mighty or the lowliest of the lowly.

In any major city in any part of the world, you can be sure there are two things you do your best to avoid: 1) rats and 2) beggars.   It’s a stiff competition to decide which is worse.

So I’m walking down the street one day and come across a beggar with a sign that says:

HELP!  My family’s been kidnapped and I’m $1 short of the ransom

Wow!  I gave him a dollar.  And I’m sure I’m not the only one.  I bet you have your own favorite story of giving money to a beggar, not because you felt bad for him, but because he communicated better.

Like the beggars livelihood depends on good communication so does your success with women.

You can have your health together, you can have your world under your thumb but unless you can communicate effectively, the women you want to bring into your life will never know it.

What do your clothes communicate about you?  Is your shirt ironed, and neatly tucked in?  Is your hair disheveled?  Do you go with the clean shaven look or are you sporting the perpetual five-o’clock shadow ?  Are you wearing muted earth tones or vibrant colors?

The answer to these questions isn’t so important as what they communicate about you.  A rocker and a business executive would have two TOTALLY different ways of dressing, but both of them are right.

Let’s dig into some more of your sub-communication(sub-coms for short): body language, voice, eye contact, and facial expressions for starters.  These are distinct and have much more powerful effects than your verbal communication, no matter how good it is, can ever have, because they are processed subconsciously and supraliminally.

This is the essence of what creates your vibe.  Once again, one is not better than another unless you have a particular goal and that means knowing what you want.  But that’s for another time.  When you watch those chick flicks we talked about, notice how few words the alpha males use to communicate with amazing impact.

Or check out your favorite comedian.  Sure, his jokes are important, but think of the importance of the delivery.  I bet you can think of people—amazing people with awesome stories, who are incredibly B-O-R-I-N-G.

It’s not the topic, it’s their sub-coms that sabotage the message.  Become a student of powerful men who’s presence packs a particularly strong punch and start to assimilate and incorporate what you see.

I have to warn you though, that change can be slow, gradual and hard.  To sustain it so that it has a lasting effect you’ll DEFINITELY need to…

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