10-Day Intensive

Hi, I’m Vision and I took The Approach Mastery Bootcamp back in 2009. At that time, I’d recently moved to Korea after quitting my job as a top copier salesman in California.

I’d gotten my MBA a few years before and I wanted to take a break to travel for a year or two before going back to the US and crushing it in the business world. I thought I was pretty good with girls before I got to Korea and I used party pretty hard with my bros on a regular basis. So, when I signed up for the Bootcamp with RedpoleQ, it was only because I thought I just didn’t understand how dating worked in Korea.

We’re even wrong about which mistakes we’re making.
-Carl Winfeld

After taking the boot camp, I realized that I was all wrong about everything.

As a salesman, I thought I already had brass balls, but actually I was still pussyfooting around with women and with life. After the boot camp, I could approach girls anywhere I wanted, and I soon started getting girls 10 years younger than me on a regular basis.

During my annual Vegas bro trip, I used to never get any girls, but when I went back after taking the boot camp, I pulled twice. And these girls were far better than what my friends were getting and way better than what I had gotten in the US before.

It was the beginning of improving in every are of my life. Since then, I’ve built an internet business that allowed me to quit my job and live anywhere in the world, and have the most fulfilling relationships with women that would have terrified me before.

I pushed RedpoleQ to start this intensive 10-day program to help one of my best friends who has a busy schedule running several businesses and could only clear his schedule for 2-weeks.

After I talked to RedpleQ and figured out how we could set it up for my friend, I realized that there are a lot of guys who would love to live the life I have but don’t live in Asia or don’t have the opportunity to come out and do the seminars at different times over several months or a year so I convinced RedpoleQ to offer it to others who are in the same situation as my long time friend.

So, if you’re really busy too and want to get everything handled as quickly as possible just like my buddy did, this is the program for you. I’ll explain the details in a moment but just so you know what you’re getting yourself into:

Friday – Day #1 Bootcamp: 7pm-5am(Saturday)
Saturday – Day #2 Bootcamp: 3pm-7:30pm; 11pm-5am(Sunday)
Sunday – Day #3 Bootcamp: 3pm-9pm
Monday – Day #4 Text Seminar: 1pm-6pm
Tuesday – Day #5 Text Seminar: 1pm-6pm
Wednesday – Day #6 Sex Seminar: 11am-7pm
Thursday – Day #7 Sex Seminar: 11am-7pm
Friday – Day #8 Fashion consult: 11am-7pm
Saturday – Day #9 Relationship Seminar: 2pm-9pm
Sunday – Day #10 Relationship Seminar: 2pm-9pm

It’s crazy intense but it’s full of…

Big Baller Benefits

Here are the benefits of the program.

1. Lifetime bootcamp attendance – you can join any bootcamps RedpoleQ has in the future (mainly Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and a few other cities in Asia)

2. Lifetime seminar attendance – you can attend any of the seminars again as many times as you want. I almost always attend them when I’m in the same city as the seminar.

3. Extra experience – it’s possible that other people may attend the advanced seminars when you’re doing yours (they get lifetime seminar attendance as well), so you will get extra reference experience and get to hear about their experiences implementing seminar material. It’s really valuable to learn from those guys, and they’re fun to hang out with too.

4. City chat rooms – RedpoleQ has chat rooms for all of the major cities in Asia (Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Beijing, etc), and separate rooms for the advanced seminars. You’ll get access to the city chat rooms for free, they’re more general and often are used to set up meets or talk about general topics. You can join any of them or opt out of all of them.

5. Advanced Seminar Chat Rooms – These are awesome! You’ll get the first month free for the chat rooms for all of the advanced seminars (Sex, Text, Relationship, and Fashion). If you like them, you can continue for $25/month per chat room. I’m in all of them, so for only $100/month, I get super fast responses from the members (often within 1 hour, and usually RedpoleQ replies daily, depending on the complexity of the question).

Really helpful, I’ve been stuck in tough spots on dates before, and these guys have bailed me out! The fashion chat is also amazing, and one of my favorites. You can go shopping, snap pics of you wearing various pieces, and McConnell and the other guys will give you feedback. You can opt out of whichever chat rooms you don’t need, but I’m a big fan of all of them. Even when I don’t use one of the chats that often, it’s good to have them when I need them, and the entertainment value is great!

6. Book club – I’m pretty sure RedpoleQ has read more books than all of the other guys we know combined (seriously). He’s put together a book club open to bootcamp alumni and the guys discuss the book on a weekly call. The books vary in topics, but usually are connected to lifestyle and relationships with women.

7. Dedicated Coaching for the week – This is a special setup that RedpoleQ will do with you. He’s going to set up the seminars in a way where you’ll have 1-2 hours of time each day with him to run sets, go over texting, go over dating strategy, etc. It depends on how long the seminars run, but this piece will be really key to give you as much implementation time as possible, with direct feedback so you can make fast improvements.


Total program cost will be $6,000. That’s all inclusive, the only thing you’ll have to pay for in the future are the advanced seminar chat rooms if you want to stay in them.

The bootcamp is $1500.

All advanced seminars are $1900 each.

Lifetime access to the forums are included. RedpoleQ replies to all forum posts.

Keep in mind you’ll need to set aside some money for the fashion consult to do some shopping (I think I spent about $1000). Korean fashion is amazing, highly recommend doing some shopping here, but it’s not required.

I think the bootcamp and courses alone are easily worth the price. However, in my opinion, the real benefit is the ongoing support you get from RedpoleQ and the community. The bootcamp and the courses are just the beginning. Once you start implementing them, that’s when it starts to solidify and becoming ingrained in your everyday thoughts and habits.

I really don’t think there are many communities like this in the world. I’ve been getting feedback and advice from RedpoleQ since 2009, not just with pickup, but across the board with lifestyle, decision making, relationships, friendships, business, time management, and book recommendations. I consider RedpoleQ to be one of the most influential mentors of my life, and I know most of the other guys feel the same.

He really cares about his clients and wants the best for them. He asks great questions, and puts a lot of thought and energy into his answers. I’ve tried to get him to be more morally flexible with how he runs things so he can make more money, but he’s more interested in the guys’ progress than making money at their expense.

I know you’ll get a lot of out of this if you’re the kind of guy who takes action, and has the drive and energy to succeed. Whatever your current dating, sex, and relationship life is now, you can change all of that and start targeting what you really want.

This is the first time I’ve ever written something like this, but as you can tell, I’m very passionate about this.

It changes guys lives, and gives them the tools to be happy.

This isn’t just about game, its lifestyle, too. Once you start handling all of these pieces, they start to fit together really nicely. It’s insanely fun, and I’m really excited for you to be aboard!

For more information fill out the form with any questions you have and RedpoleQ will get in touch with you. And if you want to talk to me directly, just select that in the form too!